Saturday, 20 January 2018

Hobbyists Gravitate Toward the Flexible, Laser-Based BOSS LS-1630 Engraving Machine

Buying a hobby laser engraver can be a great way of enabling more ambitious projects of many different kinds. With laser engraver prices having come down significantly over the years, many dedicated hobbyists can now easily justify making such a purchase.

While there are a quite a number of products on the market, only a handful regularly receive the most glowing reviews and recommendations. The BOSS LS-1630 is regarded by quite a few as the best laser engraver for many hobbyists, not least because of its versatility.

A Highly Capable Platform That Can Be Configured in a Wide Variety of Ways

Every hobbyist will have his or her own goals and needs, so no one engraver will ever be able to suit every possible buyer perfectly. The BOSS LS-1630, however, goes a long way toward accommodating a wide range of buyers by being available with quite a few different options. Two of those that most often make a difference for particular hobbyists include:

Power rating - The gas-filled tube that lies at the heart of most laser-based engraving machines is responsible for generating the focused beam of light that does the actual work. How much power a particular tube is designed to consume will determine just what the machine is capable of. The LS-1630 arrives by default with a 65-watt tube that is powerful enough to cut and engrave a variety of materials quickly. An affordable option ups that power level considerably, with a 100-watt tube being ready to work even harder.

Water cooling - A laser engraver of any power rating will generate quite a bit of heat while in operation, and that thermal waste must be dissipated. The stock cooling system for the LS-1630 allows it to operate for a long while thanks to the circulation provided by the included water pump. A reasonably priced upgrade adds a fan to the cooling loop, allowing the LS-1630 to engrave even more material before it needs to be given a rest. With an industrial-grade CW-5000 cooler also being available, even hobbyists who keep their machines running many hours each day will be accommodated.

Even More Options to Research and Assess

With these being only a couple of the more popular upgrades for the BOSS LS-1630, those considering a purchase have plenty to think about. Other commonly selected options include additional focal lenses, fume extraction systems, and various rotary attachments. As a result, the LS-1630 stands out not only in terms of high level of basic capability but also with regard to the many ways by which hobbyists can configure it to suit their needs.

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